After the initial Connect event, an app may disconnect from Solflare at any time. When Solflare is disconnected, it will reject all signature requests until a new connection is established.

Base URL


Query String Parameters

  • dapp_encryption_public_key (required): The app's original encryption public key for an existing Connect session.

  • nonce (required): A base58-encoded nonce is used to encrypt the request.

  • redirect_link (required): Solflare should redirect the user to this URI after completion. For more information, please see Specifying Redirects. URL-encoded.

  • payload (required): An encrypted JSON string with the following fields:

        "session": "...", // token received from the connect method
    • session (required): The session token received from the Connect method. Please see Handling Sessions for more details.



No query params are returned.


An errorCode and errorMessage as query parameters.

Please see Errors for a complete list of possible error codes.

  "errorCode": "...",
  "errorMessage": "..."


Please refer to the disconnect method implemented in our demo application.

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