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Once you've set up your wallet, head to Solflare's Knowledge Base for more information on Solflare, Solana, and its use cases.

Understand both the how and the why of blockchain technology.

Guides, Articles, FAQs, & Courses

If you're looking for step-by-step guides on using the Solflare wallet, check out the guides, articles, FAQs, and even free Courses on blockchain technology. Understand both the how and the why of blockchain technology.

Crypto Fundamentals

Suppose you want to learn everything you need before embarking on your crypto journey. In that case, you may be interested in Solflare Academy's Crypto Fundamentals course. Crypto Fundamentals has seven chapters that describe, from a high level, why and how blockchains work.

DeFi 101

TThis course highlights the technologies and macroeconomic importance of innovation within DeFi (decentralized finance). It provides actionable perspectives and guides on how to use it and covers everything from Bretton Woods and the Federal Reserve to Smart Contracts and on-chain leveraged derivatives.

Over 30 DeFi technologies are discussed with accompanying guides, articles, and examples.

Web 1, Web 2, & Web 3

This series of 3 articles is a cross-generational analysis of the evolution of the internet. It explains where we're coming from and where we're likely going. The future is uncertain, but technology will keep advancing, and the web needs a complete overhaul.

Read this series to learn more.

Web 1 | Web 2 | Web 3

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