Solflare Wallet


Solflare is a generation non-custodial digital wallet that enables universal access to the Solana blockchain and its associated applications.
Lots more is in store for Solflare Wallet.
Along with a powerful web app and extension, Solflare's mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android. It includes an in-app browser, FTX account integration, Ledger and Keystone connectivity, in-app staking, in-app swapping, Solana Pay compatibility, sophisticated notification systems, 60 frames per second refresh rates for NFTs, bulk burn, bulk send, and much more.
"We have essentially been building on Solana since Solana began and have grown alongside its network advances. Our deep understanding of the underlying technology has helped us enhance old ideas and iterate on new ones that never existed before."
Vidor, Co-Founder & CEO of Solrise (Parent company of Solflare Wallet)

24/7 Support

There is also a 24/7 support chat and a growing compendium of blockchain-based knowledge in the form of articles, guides, and courses in Solflare's Knowledge Base.

Welcome to Solflare Wallet!

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